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Dean's response

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. I would like to Welcome New Students Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Brawijaya Academic year 2013-2014. Your choice at the Faculty of Agriculture, very appropriate considering yangi agriculture is a very important field for the sustainability of the nation. Noble task in the provision of food and environmental protection are two very noble task before God Almighty. New Student acceptance band by FP-UB has 2 mission critical, 1. In order to prepare a reliable HR agriculture, intelligent, skilled and qualified, 2. Memeratakan right to education for high school graduates and the serderajad se Indonesia. Therefore, Legislative and SNMPTN strips have high proportions, which is about 90%, while only ten percent Independent Path. With superior human resources was expected that students can graduate on time and a proud achievement akedmik.
However, in order to prepare themselves to be leaders of the nation's leaders will be complete when the quality of the graduate students are also active in organizations on campus. Benefit not only the organization but also hone kemampunan make graduates to response to the problems of society Nations, especially social sensitivity are commonly faced by this nation. Social sensitivity that can be obtained with soft-skill sharpening should be emphasized that sympathy and empathy for others the higher. (read more ...)