Faculty of Agriculture was founded on November 10 1960, under auspices Universitas Kotapraja Malang. Since July 11 1961, by the decree of the president of Republic of Indonesia number 258/K/1961, Universitas Kotapraja Malang has been changed into Universitas Brawijaya.
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya had state status by the decree of Minister PTIP number 92 August 1 1962 and July 1 1962 Faculty of Agriculture was under auspices Airlangga University Surabaya. Since January 5 1963, University of Brawijaya was given state status by the decree of Miniter PTIP number 1 year 1963. Faculty of Agriculture which was previously under auspices Airlangga University was given back to University of Brawijaya.
Until 1974, Faculty of Agriculture had two departments which were agricultural engineering and agricultural economy. In 1975, education system had improvement which was applying credit system. In the same year, Faculty of Agriculture opened four departments to improve and adjust to the need demand. They were Agronomy Department, Agricultural Economy Department, Plant Protection Department and Soil Science Department.
In 1978, the education system changed significantly. The change was to begin Bachelor of Agriculture education system with 144 credits within 4 years. Faculty of Agriculture also changed the name of departments. The department which changed the name were Agricultural Cultivation Department (previously Agronomy), Agricultural Economy Department, Pest and Plant Disease Department (previously Plant Protection), Soil Science Department, and Agricultural Technology Department.
Diploma III Agriculture and Plantation Program was founded in 1984. On March 17 1990, the directorate general of higher education issued the decree 14/Dikti/Kep/1990 about the opening of Diploma III Plant Production which combined Dimploma III Plantation and Diploma III Agriculture. Diploma III Agribusiness in faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya was founded based on the decree of directorate general of higher education no.230/DIKTVKep/1999, date May 18 1999. Diploma III of Faculty of Agriculture manages currently three study programs which are Horticultural Plant production (previously Plant Protection), Agribusiness, and Landscape Architecture.
Since 1995, the admission of undergraduate freshmen, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya was directly to the study program and it will be directed to respective department in the fifth semester. In 1996, according to rector’s instruction University of Brawijaya, faculty of Agriculture opened Undergraduate extension program for all study programs. In 1997, Faculty of Agriculture opened new study program which was Plant Breeding study program based on the decree of directorate general of higher education no.78/DIKTi/Kep/1997.
Based on decree of Ministry of Education and Culture No. 0124/O/1998 date January 26 1998, the Agricultural Technology department officially became Agricultural Technology Faculty.
The list of the dean of Faculty of Agriculture is as follows:
(1) Prof.Dr.1r.Moeijadi Banoewidjojo (almarhum) (1960-1969)
(2) Prof.1r. Baskoro Winarno (almarhum) (1969-1976)
(3) Prof. Dr.H. Soetono, M.Agr-Sc, (almarhurn) (1976-1982)
(4) Prof.Ir. Soemarjo Poepodarsono, M.Agr.Sc. (1982-1985)
(5) Prof.Dr.Ir.H. Suwarno Notodimedjoimedjo (almarhum) (1985-1988)
(6) Prof.Dr.1r. H. Bambang Guritno (1989-1995)
(7) Prof.Dr.Ir. Yogi Sugito (1995-2000)
(8) Prof. Dr. Ir. Syekhfani, MS. (2001-2005)
(9) Prof.Ir. Sumeru Ashari, M.Agr.Sc.,Ph.D (2006-2015)
(10) Prof.Dr.Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR.,MS. (2015-2019)
(11) Dr.Ir. Damanhuri, MS. (2019-Now)

Until October 2010, Faculty of Agriculture had 141 permanent lecturers comprising 29 professors, 70 doctors, 65 masters, and 6 bachelors of Agriculture and other fields. It also had 84 non-permanent lecturers comprising 11 doctors, 43 masters, and 16 bachelors. The number of staffs faculty was 96 people (80 people were civil servant), while 16 people were honorary staffs.