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  1. Prof. Pablo Tittonell
  2. Andrew Leu
  3. Prof. Chong Hyuk Suh

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I. Introduction

As a dynamic system, the future of agriculture continues to experience challenges to the changes of climate, consumption patterns and markets that may threat the sustainability of the agricultural production systems. The sustainability of agricultural activities is influenced by the biodiversity in the system that generates ecosystem services. Agro-ecological approach of organic production systems has the potential better than conventional agricultural to be able to overcome these challenges. Agro-ecological principles can contribute to a more sustainable, socially just, and secure global food system as a multidisciplinary field.The principles of ecology that are important the complexity characteristics of food webs that promote ecosystem stability. The feature of organic production isits lack of dependency on agro-chemicals in their production systems. It promotes more efficient and less depleting uses of water and land than industrial agriculture. Soil ecosystems are better preserved. As a multidisciplinary field that includes economics and social science as well as traditional science, organic agriculture production system is important to enhance short-term and long-term goals of the long-term health and sustainability of agricultural systems. Therefore stewardship of the all important bases of the human food chain is improved.

Integrated Organic Farming Systems Research Centre (IORC), Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya will host an International conference and exhibition on Organic Agriculture from 12th to 14th November to explore recent scientific research and knowledge of organic agricultural production systems and identify best practices of this system in the context of ecological, economic and climate crises, and to scale up this model of agricultural development. The event will bring together international experts and practitioners in the field of organic agriculture and agro-ecology and within the representatives of farmer organizations and other stakeholders in order to reach recommendations, which could contribute to the future within organic agriculture and agro-ecology works.


In general, the purpose of this activity is to explore recent scientific research and knowledge and promote dialogue among organic farming and agro-ecology expert, practitioners and organization for the future of the farming system.

The conference and exhibition will:

  • provide a forum for taking stock of the current state of science and practices of organic agriculture and agro-ecology that will contribute to the development of an international framework for research on organic agriculture and agro-ecology, with consideration of economic, social and environmental aspects in developed and developing countries;
  • facilitate exchange of information on organic farming and agro-ecology activities
  • discuss the future activities on organic agriculture and agro-ecology to put in the agenda.

display organic agriculture and agroecological initiatives to publically to a large audience of scientists, government, civil society members and members of the private sector.

II. Participants

The programme is targeted to be attended by 400 International participants including universities around Asia Pacific, scientist, policy makers, farmers, organic alliance, traders, student’s representatives and other stakeholders in organic agriculture and agro-ecology who will be spreaded in the three activities of the conference, discussion and exhibition.

III. Venues

  1. Gedung Widyaloka, Universitas Brawijaya, Malang
  2. Lapangan Rektorat Universitas Brawijaya, Malang

IV. Programmes

Plenary Seminar

The seminar will present 3 keynote speakers who have expertise in Organic Agriculture including organic agriculture and agro-ecology as well as social and economic of organic production to expose current state of science and practices and its future. The key note speakers are:

  1. Prof. Pablo Tittonell (Farming Sytems Ecology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
  2. Andrew Leu (president of International Federation Organic Agriculture Movements)
  3. Prof. Chong Hyuk Suh (University of Hankyong National, South Korea)

Call for Paper

The paper will call both oral and poster presentation. This session will be held on the same day after the plenary seminar. The topic will include:

  1. Organic plant production: organic agronomy and horticulture, organic plant protection and nutrient
  2. Agro-ecology: permaculture/pekarangan, organic farming systems
  3. Social and economic of organic agriculture and agro-ecology

All selected papers will be published in proceeding. 10 best papers will be awarded for publication in the open access and indexed Scopus journal (https://agrivita.ub.ac.id/index.php/agrivita). The award is divided into:

  1. Fully free of charge for 6 best papers that will be published 3 times within one year
  2. 4 best papers will be awarded for 50% discount (USD 112,5 out of USD 250) to publish the paper in the same Journal.

Registration of call for paper to: ioace2014@gmail.com


We will provide free of charge stands (size: 3m x 3m) however, participants should responsible for their own stand decoration and it should use their local or traditional attributes. The exhibition will perform the practices of organic farming and agro-ecology practices, design of organic farms, and programme exposure by stakeholders including research and development activities. The exhibition is expected to be participated by farmers and institution from Indonesia and by delegations from Asia Pacific or other countries.

The venue of the exhibition will take place at Lapangan Upacara Rektorat, Universitas Brawijaya that will be held for 3 days from 12th to 14th November 2014.

Registration for exhibition to: ioace2014@gmail.com

Discussion and Social events

The discussion is aimed to explore further activities to be put in the routine agenda such as call foe paper, conferences and exhibition on the area of organic agriculture and agro-ecology. It is also expected that during this discussion further cooperation with the participant’s institution and organization can be built. The discussion will be held along with social activity in a welcome dinner on 11th August 2014. Below is the breakdown of the programme:

11-11-’14 19.00-21.00 Dinner & discussion
12-11-’14 07.30-08.00 Registration Widyaloka UB
08.00-08.15 Introduction by UB rector Widyaloka UB
08.15-08.30 Introduction by Ministry of Agriculture Widyaloka UB
08.30-09.00 Key.Speakers:Prof.Pablo Tittonell Widyaloka UB
09.00-09.30 Key.Speakers:Andrew Leu Widyaloka UB
10.00-10.30 Key.Speakers:Prof.Chong Hyuk Suh Widyaloka UB
10.30-10.45 Coffee break Loby Widyaloka
10.45-11.30 Discussion Widyaloka UB
11.30-12.15 Visiting stand exhibition Lap.Rektorat
12.15-13.30 Lunch and poster session Loby Widyaloka
13.30-15.30 Presentation Widyaloka UB
12-14 Nov Exibition Lap.Rektorat

Contact Person: Uma Khumairoh  +6281286805637 | Hagus Tarno +6282131029241

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